Camp Locations

Gmunden, Upper Austria

The small town with southern charm is next to the beautiful "Traunsee" and surrounded by mountains.

Gmunden was film location for the series "Schlosshotel Orth", but has also other attractions for the guests, such as:

  • "Traunsee-Schifffahrt"
  • Gmundner ceramics
  • Sea castle Orth
  • "Grünbergseilbahn"
  • Renaissance city hall and so on.

FFH Camp Gmunden Youth

FFH Camp Gmunden Adults 5-days camp

FFH Camp Gmunden Adults 2,5-days camp

St. Poelten, Lower Austria

St. Poelten is a city of contrasts. The traditional old town should be seen as well as the hyper modern "Landhausviertel".

And these things will make your visit unforgettable:

  • the historical old town,
  • modern architecture,
  • a great program of cultural events,
  • St. Poelten as a town for shopping,
  • the centrality in lower Austria which is very good to start trips.

In St. Poelten there were already camps from 2000 to 2002 - the first Fair and Fun camps in history.

FFH Camp St. Poelten Youth

FFH Camp St. Poelten Adults

Villach, Carinthia

With 63,000 inhabitants, Villach is the seventh largest city in Austria and the second largest city in the province of Carinthia. It represents an important transportation hub for the south of Austria as well as the Alps-Adriatic region.

The urban area lies at the confluence of the Drava and Gail rivers, and several lakes (Ossiacher See, Faaker See, Silbersee, etc.) are in the immediate vicinity. Within the framework of the Alpine Convention, Villach was named the first Alpine Town of the Year in 1997.

There are many sights around the main square. In addition, Villach has numerous churches, several museums and theaters. Far beyond the borders of the country, Villach is also known for its events such as the Villacher Kirchtag, but especially the Villacher Fasching.

FFH Camp Villach Youth

FFH Camp Villach Adults

Steindorf, Carinthia

The municipality with just under 4,000 inhabitants is located on the northern shore of Lake Ossiach. The municipal area extends up the slope of the Ossiachberg to the ridge of the Gerlitzen.

This makes the village very interesting for both summer and winter tourism (Gerlitzen ski area). The stone house in Steindorf, designed by Günther Domenig, is another architectural sight, along with several listed churches.

FFH Camp Steindorf Adults