Useful Information

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Below you will find information to which inquiries have repeatedly referred in the past. If there are still additional questions, please contact the camp managers.

Registration for FFH Camps can only be done via online registration. Please just make the necessary information - the registration will be confirmed by us then by email..

The participation fees for the individual FFH camps are staggered over time - you can find more information about the prices and methods of payment on this website. All deposits will be confirmed by email.

Early Booking Bonus
This can only with full payment until 31.03. of the respective camp year.

Confirmations will be sent by email to the email address provided during the online registration. Since we do not use "autoresponders" it may be that e-mail confirmations do not arrive immediately after registration / deposit etc. Please be patient, all data will be personally checked by us personally.

Check-in process at camp opening
In this all relevant data of the participants are checked again, it can be made remaining payments and it is allocated to the respective groups. In addition, the camp leaders are available for all questions.

Care during the camps
FFH uses top trained coaches for their sporting needs, who prepare well-founded, targeted and diversified training sessions with their experience.

Participants - no matter their age - learn the fastest in a pleasant, relaxed environment. In order to create such an atmosphere, FFH relies on an experienced team of supervisors at all camps. The members of the support team are the first port of call for all major and minor problems. It is also crucial for the well-being of every participant to be able to find an open ear for the so-called "smaller" problems and to get help.

Depending on the age of the participants, the team of supervisors takes on a variety of tasks, such as Help with changing clothes, shoe bindings, making sure that you drink enough, observing the necessary discipline and sleeping.


In addition to regular meals, we also provide additional snacks (for example, fruit, cakes, granola bars, yoghurt). Vegetarians are kindly requested to announce this in the corresponding field when registering online.

Health aspects

Important information such allergies please announce during online registration. Additional information that may be relevant during the camp (for example, if a non-adult participant was ill before the camp or needs to take medication) please report at check-in..

Participants taking care of their own accommodation
The exact times at which participants who are not staying in the respective camp quarters should arrive at the camp are announced by the team of supervisors the day before. However, this can be taken as an indication 1 hour before the start of the first daily camp activity (e.g., ice training).

Room prferences
Room requests can be given already with the on-line registration. These wishes will be considered as far as possible. In junior camps, the age grouping is the only criterion that precludes a desired room occupancy. We will consider requests for single rooms at adult camps according to the availability of free quarters. However, if such a request can not be met, we will in any case contact the person concerned in advance.